The United Nations Correspondents Association

May 3rd, 2019
Press Briefing with Diego Arria, former Venezuelan Diplomat and founder of Arria Formula meetings

UNCA Executive Member, Betul Yuruk (left) moderates UNCA press briefing with former Venezuelan diplomat, Diego Arria.

The United Nations Correspondents Association held a press briefing with Mr. Diego Arria, former Venezuelan diplomat and founder of the Arria Formula Meetings devised in 1992, on the situation in Venezuela.

BIO and VIDEO below

Diego Enrique Arria Salicetti
Politician and Venezuelan diplomat who has held positions of great national and global importance. He writes and talks permanently about the tragedy of his country turned into a narco-tyranny. He publishes in local and international media and participates as a lecturer

At present
Member of the Advisory Board of the School of International Studies of American University in Washington DC. From the Advisory Board of the International Crisis Group (formerly its board), and from the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Politics of Brandeis University.Directory of the Security Council Report and the Directory of the Museum of Art and Design (MAD) of New York, of Freedom Now and the Latin American Adviser of the Inter-American Dialogue in Washington DC
Senior Official of the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington DC; Deputy to the National Congress; Governor of Caracas; Minister of Information and Tourism; Ambassador to the UN;President of the Security Council; Assistant Secretary General of the UN; Counselor of Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General;
Visiting Scholar Columbia University, NY;Diplomatic Fellow Council on Foreign Relations New York; Directory of the International Peace Academy;Founding Editor of the Diario de Caracas; Adviser to the OAS Secretary General, Alejandro Orfila; Adviser to the Secretary General of the Rio Summit on Human Settlements; Co Chair of the UN Habitat Conference on Human Settlements in Vancouver;Presidential candidate.
Education: La Salle, Caracas; Augusta Military Academy, Virginia and University of Michigan, Economics and Political Science .
Books : Collaborator of the Encyclopedia Britannica;First the People; Tourism Development Instrument;Dedication to a Cause; Caracas for All; Venezuela: The Hour of Truth

Received the highest decorations of the governments of Argentina, Chile and El Salvador and the Arab Emirates. Similarly in Venezuela, including the four components of the Armed Forces

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