The United Nations Correspondents Association

April 8th, 2014
UNCA & Beirut Institute Film Screening of Oscar-nominated film for Best Documentary Feature “The Square”, February 18, 2014


From left: Beirut Institute’s Executive Chairman Raghida Dergham, Filmmaker Jehane Noujaim, Film Producer Karim Amer, President of the UN Correspondents Association Pamela S. Falk.

The UN Correspondents Association and Beirut Institute co-hosted the screening of the Oscar-nominated film for 2014 Best Documentary Feature “The Square” by Egyptian-American Filmmaker Jehane Noujaim on Tuesday, February 18th in the United Nations Dag Hammarskjöld Library Auditorium.

“The Square” documents the Egyptian protest movement in Tahrir Square, Cairo.

The screening was followed by a Q&A and discussion with Director Ms. Noujaim and Producer Mr. Karim Amer moderated by the President of the UN Correspondents Association Pamela S. Falk, and Beirut Institute’s Executive Chairman and former President of the UN Correspondents Association, Raghida Dergham.


Left: Filmmaker Jehane Noujaim
Right: Film Producer Karim Amer

New York-based filmmaker Jehane Noujaim is well known in the independent documentary film community, having co-directed and directed, respectively, the acclaimed feature-length films STARTUP.COM and CONTROL ROOM. A Harvard graduate, she has worked on numerous documentaries in the Middle East and the United States, both for MTV News as well as her own independent company. THE SQUARE was presented as a work-in-progress at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2013; as events continued to unfold, she returned to Egypt. Her completed film includes material recorded as recently as this past August.


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